Entering the Virtualization World

Hardware Virtualization is the process of using the hardware from single server to simulate multiple machines that can each run a separate operating system and software specific to that OS. This enables higher server utilization and in my case to run a small home lab consisting of two small Linux servers, an evaluation copy of Windows 2012 R2, an Evaluation Copy of Windows 8.1, participate in the Microsoft Insider Program to get a head start on what’s coming down the pike all from a single machine or at least that’s the plan.

With the help of some kind folks on Reddit, and an article on how to create an installable copy of ESXi with all of the latest patches I now have a SanDisk 16GB USB installer disk, and an extra 8GB RAM stick waiting for the arrival of the used Lenovo TS140 that I ordered. Should be fun!

Silent Heroes: 10 proud moments for IT pros

10 – “Pretty much everything I do … the end users do not know about.”

9 – “All the work that went into our new map hosting project was unseen… I installed and configured 18 servers, multiple switches, firewalls, and UPSs, while the boss frantically coded our custom GIS application. All the users know is that when they click on a point on the map, it instantly provides the data they need. They don’t realize the raw computing horsepower required, or the massive development resources behind it…. it just works. (Isn’t that the goal?)”

8 – “When we migrated to Office365 in the midst of a dying Exchange 2003 server. It literally wanted to be put down, but we got all mailboxes migrated and everyone up and running before it died. The users might not have known all the work and time that went into it, because as soon as we switched, the users were happy. How did we know? The calls stopped. :)

7 – “The CEO approached me one morning, asking me to let him know when we would be moving the mail server as he was dealing with some important contracts and didn’t want to run the risk of any issues. I pointed out that we had moved the server 3 weeks before. To say that he was shocked was an understatement!”

6 – “Tracing all the backbones and server connections since it was left to us by the previous IT officers.”

5 – “After weeks of after-hours work, the ancient servers are now gone and replaced with a new VMware cluster. A few people knew I was doing ‘something with the servers’ and quickly forgot about it. It’s my secret success story.”

4 – “Every, single DR plan. Always get blamed for the failures and never praised for the success. It’s like my childhood!”

3 – “I replaced and rewired my whole backend infrastructure with new CAT6 cables.”

2 – “I think the biggest thing as a department was getting our new building up and running. We DID get a lot of recognition from management and they brought it to staff attention, but I don’t think any of them KNEW what we did.”

And the No. 1 answer – confirming IT pros speak their own language – is: “I re-deployed an iPad 1 to 1 that was twisted up with Configurator, in exchange for using Profile Manager DEP and VPP. We can now provision iOS devices over Wi-Fi straight out of the wrapper, auto-configure, download the apps, et al. “They have NO idea what that even means, none at all.”

Source: https://www.controlnow.com/blog/silent-heroes-10-proud-moments-pros

You know you’re an engineer when

“At a hockey game you spend more time admiring the range of movement of the camera gimbal used to project the game on the big screen than actually watching the game.
–N. Dietrich
You view the Instruction Manual as really nothing more than “the Manufacturer’s Opinion.”
You liberally reference orbital dynamics to explain baseball to your six-year-old.
-A. Secen
Your daughter’s first word was airplane!
–N. Terry
You arrange all the M&Ms in a bag as a color-coded histogram to see which color is most common.
–C. Hood
The optimist says the glass is half full, the pessimist says the glass is half empty and you say let’s measure it.
–S. Kersey
You can’t watch a single episode of MythBusters without yelling at the screen exactly everything they got wrong.
–A. Williams
You get into a spirited discussion about the technical inaccuracy ratio of Star Wars to Star Trek.
–S. Atwood
You think that Star Trek isn’t science fiction; it’s just fact that hasn’t happened yet.
-E. Starzynski
You explain the rationale behind putting peanut butter on the sandwich, before the jelly.
–M. Marquis”

Source: http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/news/features/2015/you-know-youre-an-engineer.html